Yes, I want to make the world a better place while I’m here. We need to keep the planet/Earth/nature at the forefront of our decisions, because it’s our home, and we’re burning it down.

Making the world a better place means finding a balance between

personal happiness and prosperity and
our personal impact on the planet, including the environment and other people.

The way society, primarily western society, is functioning is not in balance, and continuation along the same path results in even more billions in profits for fossil fuel companies at the expense of humanity and the environment.  The activities of humans are directly linked to killing off species at a frightening rate, screwing up the functioning of the oceans, melting sea ice at alarming rates, and driving whole societies from their homelands through droughts and extreme weather.

It doesn’t have to be this way; things are out of balance. The status quo is not acceptable, and people have to demand change. But first we have to stat with ourselves: our daily thoughts, decisions and actions. Each of us will be better of if we understand what’s happening in the world. Otherwise we risk losing one or our greatest assets: our choices.

My reasons for taking action?  My two kids. Not only because I feel a responsibility to use my voice on their behalf, but also because they’re going to grow into a very different world that will require every bit of advantage they can get. So I will attempt to learn everything I can about the way the world’s going, especially in regards to energy and climate (because, duh, the Earth is our home), and I will try to impart that knowledge on my kids and anyone else who wants to learn.

Right now we’re at a tipping point towards realization and acceptance that we need a new path that’s better for everyone and for the Earth. Everyone needs to come to the realization that things are changing, and that maintaining the status quo is a horrible idea for current and future generations’ peace, happiness and prosperity. And everyone needs to decide what action they will take, and do it.

Think about why you want to make the world a better place.  Then check out my urgent reading list. We need to get moving now!